A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting

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With ‘A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting’, Kenneth A. Adams has created a uniquely in-depth survey of the building blocks of contract language.

First published in 2004, it offers those who draft, review, negotiate, or interpret contracts an alternative to the dysfunction of traditional contract language and the inertia and flawed conventional wisdom that perpetuate it. This manual has become a vital resource throughout the legal profession, in the United States and internationally.

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Product Description

This manual’s focus remains how to express contract terms in prose that is free of the archaisms, redundancies, ambiguities, and other problems that afflict traditional contract language. With exceptional analysis and an unmatched level of practical detail, Mr Adams highlights common sources of confusion and recommends clearer and more concise alternatives.

This manual is organized to facilitate easy reference, and it illustrates its analysis with numerous examples. Consult it to save time in drafting and negotiation and to reduce the risk of dispute.

This is the fourth edition of ‘A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting’. It contains almost one hundred pages of new materials addressing many topics, making it even more authoritative and essential.